Assessments and Compliance

We assess your suppliers and make sure that their compliance levels are in-line with the documentation they boast.

Technical Supplier Assessments

The process of understanding the capabilities and level of maturity of a supplier who supplies goods and services to a company, is of utmost importance.

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to making time to visit your supplier base. The precise level of maturity of a supplier can never be fully grasped via merely undertaking a desktop assessment of such a supplier.
In order to fully understand a supplier’s level of maturity within the supplier’s space, it is important to conduct a physical assessment to ensure that this maturity can be measured in accordance with best practise benchmarking.

The following are typical assessment elements which our highly skilled technical assessors focus on:

  • Technical traceability
  • Systems assessment to understand risk mitigation
  • Skills assessment to understand human capabilities
  • Maturity assessment on capability, capacity and experience
  • Safety culture
  • Equipment capability