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Tenders and Contracts

The process of competitive sourcing consists of various important functions performed by highly skilled supply chain professionals in order to achieve contract cover and savings which are also common KPIs within the supply chain arena.

We specialise in executing and managing the entire tender and contract process from the point of scope writing, drafting and issuing the tender, adjudication, negotiation, drafting, implementing and maintaining a contract. This is a complete end-to-end function which can be completely outsourced or can be provided on a short term, project or ad hoc basis.
We ensure to address each tender and contract from a commercial, legal and technical perspective ensuring fit-for-purpose contracts which both the company and the supplier or contractor are comfortable with. We furthermore aim to put as much of your spend on contract as this ensures that cost containment is maximised and that exposure is limited as far as possible.

We furthermore specialise in bespoke general term type of contracts where the key mechanisms of other contract suites such as FIDIC and NEC are incorporated.

We provide the following specialised services:

  • Execution and management of the entire tender process
  • Independent tender office for the submission and opening of manual tenders
  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Contracts maintenance (amendments) in terms of scope changes, extending the termination date, evaluating and implementing contract price adjustments or terminating the contract
  • Maintenance of tender and contract registers
  • Document control
  • Hard and soft copies maintained in all instances
  • Assistance with the completion of tenders from a supplier perspective
Guaranteed savings of a minimum of 5% to 8 % - give us a call today!!!