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Prochain is a Supply Chain Management company which manages supplier compliance; repairable assets and warranties; as well as safety files all by means of in-house developed systems. We furthermore execute the entire tender and contract process by means of competitive sourcing as well as implement Supply Chain related policies, procedures and workflows to ensure that your company’s risk is addressed.

We do not specialise in Logistics or Warehousing.

We aim:

to apply global best practices in the field of Supply Chain Management with years of combined experience within the field. We furthermore aim to provide fit-for-purpose, tailor-made solutions to suit each client’s needs.

All offerings:

 are aimed at being self-funded by means of implementing specialised solutions, negotiating savings and implementing processes whereby costs can be managed effectively. We try to eliminate the horror of hourly rates and would rather propose rates based on specific deliverables.

All industries:

  and companies can benefit from our practical solutions. Our passion is to add value to any company no matter how big or small by providing best practice solutions.


  • Tendering & Contracting
    Our dynamic and highly experienced team of Contract- and Technical Specialists as well as Legal Advisors, specialise in executing the entire tender and contract process to ensure that you have the best contract with the least amount of risk possible. Read More
  • SCM Consulting
    Prochain consults on any aspect within the Supply Chain Management arena which encompasses the Supply Chain-, Warehouse- and Accounts Payable departments or functionalities. Read More
  • Corporate Governance
    Well embedded Corporate Governance in the form of policies, procedures and workflows forms the cornerstone of every successful supply chain environment and ultimately the control required to manage a sustainable business. Read More


  • Vendor Compliance Management
    To have peace of mind that you are conducting business with legally compliant and technically capable vendors, ensure to have your vendors vetted and technically assessed. Sign up to our unique, all round solution to have sight of all our vendors and their compliancy levels. Read More
  • Rotable & Warranty Management
    Obtain and maintain control over your repairable and mostly critical-to-production assets with our practical but specialised rotable solution. Neglecting this function could result in millions of lost warranties and so called 'ghost orders'. Read More
  • Coding & Cataloguing
    Keep track of your items and the expenditure against such items by coding these items in line with the international ECCMA best practice standards in the eOTD (ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary) format. Read More
  • Software Development & Management
    We offer unique, affordable inhouse developed systems which are designed and developed by Senior Software Developers. We strive to ensure that our customised systems will offer cost effective solutions that will streamline your business processes without paying massive fees for overkill systems. Read More
  • Digital Safety File Management
    Struggling with managing your contractor's safety files? Our digital safety file management solution can assist with obtaining and maintaining control over your or your contractor's safety files in line with the OHS Act & Mine Health and Safety Act. Read More


Our skilled Professional Accountants have a wealth of experience dealing with not only supply chain based companies, but other business-to-business operated enterprises and private individuals as well. Read more


In an ever-changing world, where politics and other external forces impacts the global economy
directly, it is unlikely that any supply chain will survive unless strict application of good corporate
governance is embedded. The only true survival kit in any supply chain structure, is to ensure that the
foundation is entrenched with a mixture of good policies, procedures and workflows, that are enforced
and audited on a continuous basis via endorsement by a professional supply chain management

If digitalisation is the global buzzword, why do companies still suffer from the aftermath of age old technology to drive their supply chain compliance? In the modern world, where printers can manufacture literally any component, why would companies still make use of manual paper back-up systems. There are currently great systems available that could save companies millions.

Understanding and implementing the principle of “Total Cost of Ownership” is starting to become a bigger reality in any modern supply chain management structure. The TCO concept is not only a philosophy but an ever-growing reality in a declining global economy. Supply Chain Professionals are forever in search of extracting value from baseline pricing structures to ensure that competitive input costs can be realised from these cost initiatives.

Managing one’s strategic and critical-to- production assets where green procurement is at the order of the day, it is imperative to understand the impact of discarding assets where the life of these assets are still way beyond pre-mature human intervention and expectation. Understanding the replacement strategy of a company is a critical element in maintaining not only a green-procure- environment within any company, but it creates a footprint for maximum utilisation and proper traceability in the company

After almost three decades in the supply chain management industry and profession, it is evident that this profession has evolved from being a traditional cost element in any company’s input cost, to a highly sophisticated and key enabler to drive down costs. This can only be achieved where supply chain
professionals are given the opportunity to assist with key financial-, procurement- and proper approval structures in a company

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